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“In  my 30 years of long service and with my active and relentless participation in handling various mega projects on designing and manufacturing complex machineries, I have earned required amount of practical experience in dealing with any kind of situation in executing those projects. However, while I was passing through that era, I have experienced that even if one person decides to play all the roles which are essential for running the business, irrespective of whether he or she is capable of performing those tasks individually, desired  results in time bound manner are rarely seen. The main reason for this  lies in, is the absence of timely assistance / guidance, which eventually delays the whole process of overcoming the problems.

As  is normally seen, there is only one solution to any problem, however,  in today’s fast running era one cannot afford to spend time on trying  out many possible ways and then reach to that “right solution.  Because, at the end you will see for yourselves that reaching to the  last phase of that problem overcoming exercise has taken a lot of your  valuable time, energy and of course the money.

So, please share your worries with me and you will see that right  & permanent’ solution on various issues from value addition in the existing infrastructure and working styles and right up to venturing into new projects,  is being offered to you. We have a battery of professionals in the  respective field, who will not keep any stone unturned while resolving  the issues and compelting the tasks assigned to us".

Looking forward for the opportunity to serve you,

S. M. Mordekar
1st January 2016

"So as to bring our dreams into reality, we may have to go an extra mile and rephrase our way of living, but... the very first and foremost requirement is to wake up".
- Anonymous

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